The Ballaura Story

We’re passionate about offering you the best, most experienced massage therapy because we personally understand how caring for yourself really does change your life. Here’s more on why we believe this:

Nicole, our founder, struggled a lot as a young adult. She endured personal troubles and anxiety, almost leading her to a breaking point. In one moment of pure serendipity, she had an opportunity to go to massage school, where she quickly, and deeply, gained a passion for healing and recovery through the power of massage. It quite literally changed the rest of her life.

Soon after opening Ballaura Wellness Spa in 2008, she quickly grew as a business. It was clear that not only did Nicole have the skills to provide truly personalized care for her guests, but she was able to spot and cultivate a team that shared her same philosophy. At Ballaura, we believe in creating a sense of place and peace for you to relax and recover from your daily life on your own terms. Because relieving your pain looks different than anyone else’s.

Our guiding principle is to make sure each guest feels safe. We’ve given massages to people that didn’t want to be touched with hands, so we used hot stones instead. We’ve given massages to people who didn’t want their bodies to be seen, so we did compression through sheets. We are simply here to make you feel better.

We specialize in many styles and methods of massage, including sports and personal injury, labor and industries, prenatal and relaxation massage. Because we are a spa specializing in massage, we have the experience and scientific knowledge to find what’s best for you.

Ballaura’s community of both guests and massage therapists thrives today because of a shared value in nourishing the body and following your own path to recovery. Our tight-knit team truly supports each other, offering flexible schedules and industry-leading salaries and benefits.

We truly believe that taking care of each other, no matter what our relationship is, creates genuine healing and greater health. Massage is a powerful thing, and through it, we empower you to find your own path towards wellness.