Safely Navigating COVID-19 – Preparation and Sanitization Tips for Massage Therapists

Ballaura Wellness Spa has been eagerly awaiting to reopen our doors. We are excited to announce we are slowly opening and training our staff with our new safety standards during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before coming back to work, each member of our team was certified in airborne pathogens, where they learned effective mitigation practices and transmission-based precautions. We are also in compliance with local, state, and national regulations. We invite you to ask any questions. Please send them to Relax@Ballaura.com or give us a call at 360-539-7726.

To be transparent about cleaning and disinfecting processes and protocols, as well as provide COVID-19 Preparation and Sanitization Tips for Massage Therapists, we are publishing a part of our training manual for you to see. It’s essential to feel safe and relaxed during your massage, and we invite you to see for yourself what that process is. We also want you to know this process is subject to change at any time due to regulation changes.

Entering the Spa:

  • The client will call from their car when they arrive in our parking lot. We will give them instructions when to enter the building.
  • The receptionist greets the client at the door, sprays the client’s hands with sanitizer, asks if they need to use the restroom before their massage, then brings them back to the massage room.   
  • The Therapist is ready with an apron and a mask on.
  • Once the client is in the room, the receptionist wipes down door handles and restroom surfaces if used by the client. 


The Massage Room:

  • The client is seated in the chair. 
  • The Therapist takes the client’s temperature and documents it in objective soap notes. 
  • Therapist sanitizes hands before touching the keyboard.
  • Therapist talks to the client about limiting surfaces touched, (an example is putting clothes on the chair when undressing).
  • The therapist interviews the client asking the client what areas of the body we will be working with, where they may be experiencing pain and the goals for the massage ect.. (this is done with proper social distancing to avoid droplets that can happen while talking)
  • The Therapist leaves the room so the client can get on the table.
  • The Therapist returns to further interview the client while they are relaxing on the table for treatment. The Therapist charts anything else at that time. 
  • The Therapist sanitizes hands again before beginning the treatment
  • Goggles or safety glasses are worn by both client and Therapist when the client is face-up during the massage
  • Try to make interaction and massage as ‘normal’ as possible. Remember to limit talking during the massage as this created droplets that can spread the virus.   


After the Massage:

  • The Therapist ends the session and reminds the client to sanitize hands before leaving the room
  • The Therapist sanitizes hands and goes straight to the laundry room 
    • The Therapist removes the apron and places it in the appropriate laundry bin
    • Removes goggles and puts them in the washbasin
    • If soiled removes the mask by ear loops and places in trash
    • If reusing the mask carefully places it in the bag following the guidelines outlined in the covid-19 safety training.
  • Once the client is out of the room, the receptionist can reschedule them using social distancing in the lobby


Room Cleaning and Disinfecting: 

  • Fold sheets into each other and place in the laundry basket (no shaking)
  • Clean and disinfect the room from top to bottom
    • Use the red disinfectant bucket with odoban disinfectant first on the massage table, stool, cart, any bolsters or surfaces touched during the massage
    • Spray with hospital-grade Citrus 11 disinfectant and let dwell at least 3 minutes then wipe with a dry cloth
    • Use MIST setting to spray the floor with Odoban spray and mop with the dry microfiber mop
    • Make sure to allow at least 7 minutes of dry time before seeing the next client