Anyone who menstruates knows the discomfort and sometimes extreme pain and lethargy it can bring. Menstruation is classified as a medical condition in most countries – some even allowing menstrual leave from work. Massage combined with the healing power of natural herbs and well-chosen oils can help to relieve the most uncomfortable parts of the menstrual cycle – and here we present each step of the Ballaura Ease the Flow Massage that can help you manage every menstrual cycle effectively.

Hot Packs

One of the most commonly-used methods to alleviate pain and cramping, hot packs and heating pads help to improve circulation and ease muscle tension (a tremendous part of what makes cramping so unbearable is that the uterus, itself a muscle, often irritates surrounding muscle tissue as it contracts and expand to expend menstrual blood). Before your massage, hot packs will be applied to your lower abdomen and back to aid the muscles in relaxing, allowing the massage to provide greater relief for menses symptoms.

Magnesium Oil

In addition to the numerous health benefits magnesium oil provides, it helps to aid circulation and provides a gentle warmth that can help to alleviate cramps and muscle tension. After the hot packs are removed, magnesium will be used in combination with a relaxation massage or other massage of your choice to provide maximum relief and comfort.

Essential Oils and Soothing Warmth

A great number of essential oils are used the world over to alleviate cramping and provide relief from the tension and discomfort that menstruation often causes. During your massage, clary sage and cypress oil will be applied to the abdomen along with a warm compress to maximize cramping relief by increasing blood flow, and lavender and ylang-ylang will be applied to the back of the neck and lower abdomen to ease muscle tension and provide aromatherapy benefits, contributing to overall relaxation.

Tea and Chocolate

What’s better than a hot cup of tea and some chocolate when you’ve got your period? After your massage, you’ll be served a hot cup of Holy Basil tea – renowned for its hormonal balancing adaptogen properties – and some dark chocolate to boost serotonin levels and promote balance, as menstruation often results in lowered serotonin levels and increased anxiety and tiredness.

Here at Ballaura, our team will ensure that whether you come and see us every month during your period or just during the worst cycles, that you leave relaxed and relieved – and well-recovered!