Gift a Massage this Holiday Season

Want to make someone’s holiday season even brighter? Give the gift of massage with a Ballaura Wellness Spa gift card located in Olympia, Washington. You can choose what amount you’d like on the card through our easy and convenient online ordering system. You can even check the balance of your card online! In this blog post, we discuss 5 reasons that massage makes for the perfect holiday gift.

It Makes an Easy Gift

Let’s be honest- maybe you didn’t have time to go shopping or maybe you were completely stumped on what to get someone. Massage is an easy, thoughtful gift to give because of the self-care aspect. Massage is such a personal experience for each individual, making it very much appreciated. Plus, it’s such an easy gift to give- all you have to do is load the gift card with the desired amount and you’re good to go. We even include beautiful free gift wrapping for gift cards bought in-house at our spa. You can even buy an instant gift card in a pinch on our website that can be used immediately!  

It Says you Care

Nothing says, “I care about your health and well-being” more than the gift of massage. Massage is the pinnacle of self-care, and gifting someone that you care about a massage speaks volumes about how much you care for them. You are making time for them to relax and heal, which is always appreciated. 

It Relieves Stress

I’m sure that we all can agree- this time of year is stressful for most people. From running around to holiday events to endless shopping and bills, the stressors in people’s lives pile up. Receiving a massage as a gift can help raise spirits and reduce stress in people’s lives. Massage calms the nervous system and offers a moment of solitude that many people desperately need. 

It Reduces Pain

Massage has been proven time after time to help aid with pain management. So many people deal with pain on a daily basis, which isn’t helped by all the physically intensive holiday activities. From endless shopping to Christmas Tree decorating, these holiday activities can really take a toll on the body. Massage helps reduce pain by bringing increased blood flow and circulation to an area while reducing muscle tightness. It also increases range of motion!

It Boosts Mood

Along with the typical stresses with the holiday season, many people face challenges like family conflicts, grief and loss, and financial strain. Massage increases the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin,which are feel-good chemicals. The release of these chemical messengers means an increase of mood, which is deserved by those around you.