Elena was first introduced to massage when she was a teen. Her mom recovered from a folium tube removal through massage performed by a folk massage therapist. Elena was deeply impressed by the healing power of massage and decided someday to become a massage practitioner. Being a highly attentive, empathic person, she profoundly feels the body. Her soft yet firm touch relaxes and frees the body’s own healing energy providing emotional and physical balance. She specializes in helping people with frozen shoulder, whiplash, shin splints, carpal tunnel, and piriformis syndromes and widely uses muscle energy technics. She also performs deep tissue, trigger points, and myofascial release massage to reduce muscular hypertension, increase flexibility and improve posture.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

After an intense working week, I love to have a 45-minute infrared sauna session followed by a 90-minute massage. I start to prepare for the session a day before by relaxing, reading, and listening to music. Three hours before the session, I have a light vegetarian meal, being careful not to be overloaded by food. I prefer a medium temperature sauna, about 113-115 degrees Fahrenheit. At the beginning of the sauna session, I wipe my body with a hot, wet towel and drink a glass of hot tea to speed up the sweating process. I spend no more than 30 minutes in the sauna cabin, lying on a bench with my eyes closed; I relax and meditate; I breathe slowly and deeply and do a few slow movements and stretches for my arms, neck, and shoulders. After the sauna my body’s response to the therapeutic touch is quick and effective. I feel great with my renewed body.

Elena is a good fit if you...

Enjoy therapeutic or relaxation massage with medium-light to firm pressure. Elena works with all ages and offers all services at Ballaura. She is very devoted, knowledgeable, and friendly.


Cupping | Deep Tissue | Gua Sha | Injury Treatment | Intra-Oral | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Prenatal | Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) | Swedish | TMJ Treatment | Trigger Point Therapy