Pronouns – she / her


Pressure Gauge

light - medium firm

Hailey is passionate, empathic, and all about helping you tap into your own healing abilities. She finds it important to be present with you and be a conduit for your own healing. She’s a true partner. She is fascinated by how the mind and body work and loves to learn new things. She likes to hold space for you so you can forget about the outside world and feel safe enough to turn your focus inward. She likes to use myofascial release techniques, Swedish, gua sua, cupping, dry skin brushing, and hot towels to customize the massage.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

I like to put aside a full day of rest and relaxation to allow for maximum healing. A sauna session followed by a 90 or 60 minute full body massage is so wonderful. I like to focus on lots of deep breathing during my massage. This helps me to release any pent up tension I hold in my muscles. I also like cupping and gua sua to melt my fascia, and magnesium oil on my problem areas. Lots of water and a delicious nourishing meal afterward makes me feel so good!

Hailey is a good fit if you...

like a therapeutic relaxation massage with attentiveness to detail, little to no talking, quality of touch, and a calming, welcoming presence. You might have targeted areas that need extra attention, or you just want to relax and soothe your stress.


Cupping | Female | Gua Sha | Injury Treatment | light | medium | medium-firm | medium-light | Myofascial Release | Prenatal | Pressure | Swedish