Kristen is strongly inspired by active military and veterans and helping them recover from their particular struggles. As a volunteer EMT, she deeply understands job-related stresses and their effects on the body. She’s passionate about helping clients engage their parasympathetic nervous system. She provides a safe, calm, and healing space for clients to look inward and nurture themselves––to feel valued, beautiful, and worthy of feeling a sense of well-being. She encourages clients to focus on their breath, let thoughts ebb and flow like waves, and connect with their body for multi-faceted healing.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

Even as an LMT, I need bodywork, but it can be difficult to take my own advice I give to others. When I do get a massage, I begin my day with enjoyable music, positive affirmations, prayers, gratitude meditation, stretching, and a wholesome meal. I enjoy 90-minute Swedish/lomi-lomi sessions for relaxation with medium pressure and extra focus on stressed areas. Before and after each session, I ground to the earth and allow myself to be receptive to healing.

Kristen is a good fit if you...

Want a meditative experience, like little to no talking with session-appropriate questions, and prefer a passive listener. Kristen works well with all genders and ages, with a special appreciation for geriatric, bariatric, military, and first responder clients. She also gently treats for injury and sports rehabilitation. She often provides extra focus to hands and feet––an over-used, under-attended area. Kristen does not offer prenatal massage.


Cupping | Gua Sha | Lomi Lomi | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Reflexology | Reiki | Swedish | Trigger Point Therapy