Pronouns – she / her


Pressure Gauge

light - medium light

Melissa loves helping guests find relief from stress, anxiety, and pain through massage. She’s an enthusiastic advocate for the tremendous benefits that massage can bring to overall health and wellbeing. As an avid runner and active person, she believes massage not only helps with relaxation but also provides relief from chronic pain and sore muscles associated with exercise. She specializes in Swedish massage, relaxation, and active/passive stretching techniques. She loves to incorporate hot towels and aromatherapy to increase relaxation and engage the parasympathetic nervous system.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

I typically go for a run before my massage session, so my muscles are already warmed up and I’m ready to be relaxed. I enjoy a 60 to 90 minute relaxation massage with a focus on my sore muscles and tender spots. I drink a liquid IV, a hydration supplement, afterward to make sure I stay super hydrated and can get rid of toxins more effectively. I spend the remainder of the day doing other relaxing activities like going to the beach, going for a drive while listening to relaxing music, or reading a good book.

Melissa is a good fit if you...

Enjoy relaxation massage with light to medium light pressure. She is naturally friendly, welcoming and calming. Works well with all ages and offers Swedish and Relaxation massage.


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