Marissa is passionate about helping you reach your massage and overall health goals through a holistic approach. She became intrigued and enthralled with massage after she received her first service ten years ago and could not imagine doing anything else. Marissa is experienced with Swedish, pin and stretch, passive/active stretch, Rolfing, prenatal, myofascial, trigger point, manual lymphatic drainage, and cupping massage techniques. She specializes in treating dysfunctions of the shoulder girdle, neck, and pelvis due to repetitive overuse. She loves working with first time massage clients to give them an unforgettable experience and is highly skilled at engaging the parasympathetic nerve response to help you relax and de-stress.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

I like to come in on my day off, early in the morning. I bring a water bottle with me to maintain good hydration before and after service. I show up a bit early and get a nice warm neck wrap to help loosen up. My favorite service is a 60 minute massage with focus on just the upper body and feet with medium pressure. After my service, I go home and take a long hot bath with CBD Epsom salts. Then I relax and read a fantasy novel.

Marissa is a good fit if you...

Enjoy therapeutic relaxation massage with light to medium-firm pressure. She is very calming, welcoming, and relaxed. Marisa works with all ages and genders and offers all services at Ballaura.


Cupping | Gua Sha | Injury Treatment | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Prenatal | Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) | Sports | Swedish | Trigger Point Therapy