Sage has been practicing massage since 2019 and enjoys facilitating healing through body work and energy work. They enjoy being able to help clients work through injuries and chronic pain while also allowing them to relax. Being able to customize the session for each client and see them make progress in their healing journey is one of the most rewarding parts of their career. It’s wonderful seeing the expedited results when clients do the suggested work between sessions like stretching and yoga. They incorporate techniques like neuromuscular, trigger point, Swedish, energy work, myofascial technique, and stretching through the session as needed for the client.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

My favorite Ballaura experience is being able to find restorative wellness through relaxation and targeted work for problem areas with every session. Being able to bring that relaxation throughout my day adds to my daily yoga and meditation practices. This routine helps with staying grounded through daily life.

Sage is a good fit if you...

Enjoy massage with medium pressure that will take care of problem areas while being able to relax. Sage is particularly helpful in incorporating stretching, yoga, and energy work into your healing practice. They work with clients of all ages and offer all services at Ballaura.


Cupping | Deep Tissue | Injury Treatment | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Prenatal | Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) | Sports | Swedish | Trigger Point Therapy