Sky has been in practice since 2017, with a primary passion for relieving pain and discomfort for guests, enabling them to experience freedom from day-to-day burdens to long-term injuries resulting from accidents or surgery. This passion is rooted in the influence of Sky's mother, who managed multiple health practices, assisting people on their path to recovery. Sky carries this dream forward to this day.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

Before receiving bodywork, I like to make note of what goals I hope to achieve during the service. For example, if I am receiving deep tissue work, I write down treatments I am interested in receiving and areas that I want to focus on. If mental and emotional support is what my body is asking for, I track what needs to be addressed in those areas and request a relaxting service that focuses on nervous system health.

Sky is a good fit if you...

If you are looking for a grounded massage, with medium to deep pressure that focuses on chronic pain relief and injury recovery.


Craniosacral | Cupping | Deep Tissue | Gua Sha | Injury Treatment | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Prenatal | Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) | Rolfing Techniques (Trained not certified) | Sports | Swedish | Trigger Point Therapy