Injury Treatment Massage

90 MINUTES – $125

Best Injury Treatment Massage in Olympia

Massage can be a preferred method of treatments for injuries including sprains, broken bones, and muscle tears. Using massage as part of an injury rehabilitation can help to increase the healing rate and shorten recovery time. Specific modalities used will stretch out tightness and loosen scar tissue.

Benefits of Injury Treatment Massage

Massage encourages blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension. More oxygen is delivered in the body to support soft tissue and organs. Examples of when massage can help post injury are:

  • Treating acute pain
  • Minimizing scarring
  • Relaxing tight muscles
  • Increase healing time
  • Improve recovery 
  • Increase range of movement

Massage can plan a very important role in the rehabilitation stage to your injury. Through the modalities of remedial massage, Swedish massage, deep tissues massage, and sports massage, injury massage will ultimately enhance the healing process and help to increase your recovery rate.

Add on Services:

Can be added to any massage, just let your licensed massage therapist know at your service time.


add $15 to any massage

Transdermal Magnesium

add $10 to any massage