Setting Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

It’s finally 2020- that feels wild to say, doesn’t it? With 2020 here, many people are setting New Year’s Resolutions with their health and wellness in mind. From exercising more to eating better, the end goal of “looking better” is something that many strive for. While this isn’t necessarily a “bad” resolution, there are better, healthier ways to rephrase this goal. At Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Washington, we advocate to help to empower you to live a truly balanced life. Here, we discuss several ways to approach the new year with a healthy mindset and how to create achievable resolutions that will make a difference.

Create a specific, achievable, measurable resolution 

When creating a resolution, you want someone that is achievable so that you can make progress. Keep in mind that the more specific the goal is, the more you can focus on what your goal is and bringing it to life. The resolution also has to be measurable so that you can track your progress. This is essential as it can really motivate you to stay on track while also giving you an idea of how close you are to reaching your goal! Let’s look at some examples of resolutions that we’ve made more specific and measurable: 

Vague Resolution Specific, Achievable, Measurable Resolution
Eat healthier and work out more Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies and exercise for 20 minutes a day 
Improve wellness Receive 1 massage per month and practice mindfulness 5 minutes per day 

Obviously there are so many more resolutions out there, but these tend to be the more common ones. Also note that your way of making a resolution specific and measurable is unique to you.

Be kind to yourself

This is so important and underrated when it comes to goal setting. Any progress is progress- praise your accomplishments and don’t be discouraged, even if you falter. Self-praise is an essential part of motivating yourself in the right direction and will help keep you on track with your resolution. Remind yourself why you’re doing this and keep on keeping on. After all, you are only human and can do whatever you set your mind on!

Focus on the future, not on the past

It does no good to dwell on the past and what could have been- look at where you are headed and what your end-goal is. The future is full of opportunities for you to manifest your resolutions into fruition. This allows you to keep focused on what you want and what the journey ahead looks like. Having a clear idea as to what is to be and how you’re going to get there serves as great motivation for sticking with your resolution. 

Set one resolution at a time

While it might be difficult to only focus on one resolution at a time, it allows you to center your energy. It’s a lot less overwhelming to have one goal that you work towards at a time since you can shift your focus exclusively to it. This in turn helps you to track any progress that you make while being able to celebrate your victories. Once you accomplish your goal, feel free to move onto another one and repeat everything we’ve mentioned above.