Jobs at Ballaura


A strong, tight-knit team, united in lifting people up

Since 2008, Ballaura has been Olympia’s most-experienced boutique massage spa, empowering guests to find recovery in their own unique way. Our guests value and seek out personalized service that’s based on experience, scientific knowledge, and exceptional talent—which is why we’ve created such a strong, supportive, tight-knit team. 

Working at Ballaura, you’ll find community, flexibility, and inspiration for a truly balanced life. We are genuinely passionate about lifting people up, including our whole massage community. 


  • EXPERIENCE: Each of our team members brings a unique skill set, adding to our shared pool of experience and wisdom that we all benefit from.
  • INTEGRITY: We’re a dependable and honest team, giving clear expectations, transparent communication, and opportunities to grow.
  • HEALTH: Our compassionate approach leads to proactive ways toward healing and growth for our guests and each other.
  • COMMUNITY: As a team, we take care of each other so that we can take care of our guests.
  • INSPIRATION: Leading by example, we empower our guests as well as our team to find success, peace, and growth in all aspects of life.


Working at Ballaura, you’ll receive benefits that go above and beyond industry norms. We believe in uplifting the entire massage community for the benefit of all. Please see current job postings for specific benefits.

Staff Reviews

A very supportive place to work.

“The owners and staff consistently listen to my needs and do a great job accommodating. I always feel heard and supported. The owners put a lot of effort and energy into the details of managing the business and the facility, and it shows.”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com

Best place to work!

“I have worked at many spas over the years. I have never worked with a team as great as the one at Ballaura! The entire staff is so helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. The owner puts the employees first and it really shows. I never want to leave!”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com

Great place to work!

“Ballaura has been a great place to work. The management is organized and a pleasure to work with. They provide the necessary support to do my job well.”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com

Forward thinking and compassionate company

“Working with Ballaura Wellness Spa has been amazing. The atmosphere is busy but laid back. Everyone works hard to create a community for the guests and the employees. All the employees are respectful and get along quite well, no drama. I enjoy going to work and helping guests feel better without having to feel like I have to push them through to get to the next client. The front office staff and therapists work seamlessly together to create a welcoming space for guests that is relaxed, calm, and therapeutic. Management is always working on new ways to ensure guests are well taken care of and in a safe environment.”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com

Ballaura = Bliss

“Working with and for Ballaura has been exactly what I needed personally and professionally. The management and staff relate to one another with respect and dignity. You are a part of a team whose goal is to provide the best service and support to their guests. When you work in an environment where you are heard and engaged with, the entire atmosphere reflects this. Step into Ballaura at any time and you will be transported to bliss and harmony, whether you are staff or a guest. I can’t say enough good things about this business, they have found the balance between work and life for all.”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com

Great team and Caring employer

“I have worked at Ballaura for a number of years. The company has always treated me with respect. I feel very safe in the clinic. We are constantly growing and learning as a group. This is a great place to work.”

–Current Employee posted via indeed.com