About Ballaura

Since 2008, Ballaura Wellness Spa has been focused on helping to alleviate pain and to introduce and aid genuine healing from many health conditions. Ballaura’s owner, Nicole LaPraim, developed a true passion for healthful living, fitness, and mindful practice – and set out to share that experience with others.

Now celebrating its ten-year anniversary, Ballaura has attracted some of the best massage therapists in the Olympia area, all focused on Ballaura’s mission of healing and pain relief. The Ballaura team works together to ensure a high-quality experience for each and every one of its clients, sharing knowledge, techniques, and a passion for improving quality of life for each client that comes through Ballaura’s doors.

Relieve, Relax, Recover

Ballaura’s core mission of “relieve, relax, and recover” spans a spectrum of healing for each of its clients. Assisting clients to relieve pain and stress, relax into a more positive and less stressed state of mind, and recover from injury and stressful or traumatic experience each represent an important step in healing from a variety of injuries or painful states, physical and mental. This concept informs each and every treatment clients are given from the time they enter the spa to when they depart – in a better physical and mental state.