Jobs at Ballaura

Company Overview

For over 10 years, Ballaura has been Olympia’s most-experienced boutique massage spa, empowering clients to find recovery in their own unique way. We are deeply rooted in the belief that massage isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is healing and growth. 

Our core mission of “relieve, relax, recover” spans the spectrum of healing: relieving pain and stress, relaxing into a more positive state of mind, and recovering from injury, stress, or trauma. We share our knowledge, techniques, and passion for improving quality of life for each client that comes through Ballaura’s doors.

Our clients value and seek out personalized service that’s based on experience, scientific knowledge, and exceptional talent—which is why we’ve created such a strong, tight-knit team to hold that space for their healing.

At Ballaura Wellness Spa, our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. That means we continually celebrate the diverse community different individuals cultivate. As an equal opportunity employer, we stay true to our mission by ensuring that our place can be anyone’s place.

We are genuinely passionate about lifting people up, including our whole community. As a team, we are committed to supporting each other and empowering all of us to find true balance in our lives. Working at Ballaura, you’ll find community, flexibility, and inspiration for a truly balanced life.

Core Values

  • EXPERIENCE: We know what good massage means, and we have the wisdom, scientific knowledge, and skills to provide it. Each of our team members brings a unique skill set, adding to our shared pool of experience that we all benefit from.
  • INTEGRITY: As a fellow team member, we’re genuinely interested in your growth. We’re a dependable and honest group, giving clear expectations, transparent communication, and opportunities to grow along your own unique path to success. 
  • HEALTH: Our compassionate approach leads to proactive ways toward healing and growth for our clients. At Ballaura, we’re grounded in the possibility of what massage can do, all rooted in the scientific proof. Our team members are naturally passionate about cultivating wellness for each other and our clients.
  • COMMUNITY: As a team, we take care of each other so that we can take care of our clients. We believe that exceptional service starts with an exceptional team. We are industry leaders in uplifting the entire massage community for the benefit of all.
  • INSPIRATION: Leading by example, we empower our clients as well as our team to find success, peace, and growth in all aspects of life. We delight in lifting each other up and celebrating your success.

Industry-leading Benefits

We take care of our team so that we can take care of our clients. We are industry leaders in uplifting the entire massage community for the benefit of all. To that end, we provide the following benefits to our licensed massage therapists:

  • Salary: Approximately $27-$35/hour. Base pay is $12/hour plus commission per massage and new membership signups
  • Pay is based on your experience, insurance credentialing, and capabilities.
  • You will be paid for total time working at the spa, not just per massage.
  • Cancellation Backup: even when a client cancels at the last hour, your pay will be protected.
  • Family and personal time is important to us too, so you have unlimited time off, with proper advance notice. You’ll also receive paid sick time.
  • A whole-hearted effort to accommodate your ideal schedule.
  • Space for professional growth: we trust our team and genuinely get excited to see you grow, learn, and thrive. Employment includes Continuing Education Contribution.
  • As a member of our team, we pay for AMTA Liability Insurance so you don’t have to.
  • You get the benefits of working at a spa, including Employee Product Discounts. 
  • Our spa has large treatment rooms to provide an extraordinary work space for you.
  • This is an employed position. We supply the tools and equipment you need to provide an exceptional massage for our clients.

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