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Busy lives and work-day stress are left outside the door of our wellness spa located in Olympia, WA. Specializing in rejuvenating treatments of massage and skin care. Our goal at Ballaura is that you leave your treatment with the look that spent a whole day at the spa — even if we only get to see you for a few hours.


Whether it is relaxation massage, sports, injury or deep-tissue massage, Ballaura has therapists who will work with you to meet your needs. All are Licensed Massage Therapists.

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Brittney Hicks’ passion for skin care has been in her heart from a young age. She says it’s a blessing to be given the opportunity to help increase clients’ self-confidence and overall health for a living.

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Tech Neck: How to Treat this Modern Problem

Tech Neck: How to Treat this Modern Problem

When you hear “Tech Neck”, what comes to mind first? Tech Neck is a relatively new condition  that is noticeable everywhere, affecting almost everyone. Tech Neck is described as the forward head posture caused by the use of modern technologies such as smart phones and...

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How to Pick a Massage Therapist that’s Right for You

How to Pick a Massage Therapist that’s Right for You

Massage therapy is like an art form- it is unique to each therapist and the person receiving it. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they want from a massage. In turn, each massage therapist is different and it can be overwhelming to know what you...

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5 Self-Care Hacks to Help Transition into Fall

5 Self-Care Hacks to Help Transition into Fall

With Summer coming to an end, many of us are left feeling bummed. With the kids back in school, the weather getting cooler, and summer vacations coming to an end, it’s important that you take care of you during this seasonal change. Here, we share 5 self-care hacks to...

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