Modern Massage for the South Sound


Visualize yourself walking into a space with warm dim lighting, healing plants, and natural, peaceful décor. You inhale the soothing aromas. We offer a warm wrap for your sore neck. We guide you to your quiet room.

After you share your goals for the session, we briefly step out, and you melt into the soft massage table. We begin to work your aching back. You drift into a deep, restorative meditation.

It’s in this unique state of mind that your nervous system can truly recover from life’s stresses. Afterward, you feel rejuvenated, your body moves more freely, and you just feel…better.


It’s not just a massage.

This is what we specialize in, which means you receive the highest quality massage you can find with all the benefits it has to offer. Most spas have several services, but massage is our passion. We live and breathe it. We’re a tight-knit team––constantly upping our game, sharing ideas, and discovering new techniques to give you the latest and greatest in massage therapy.

You’re not a cookie cutter.

Recovery and healing aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is massage. We want to know what you need––in this moment, in every session.

It’s your place to just…be.

With over a decade in business, we’re known for having an organic, clean, and calming space. Our clients have a real sense of community pride. We’ve definitely overheard in conversations around town, “You go to Ballaura, too?”

Please call to book if you require to be seen by a verified vaccinated therapist. See our most current COVID-19 spa protocols here.

Ballaura Massage Services

Signature Massage

Massage Therapy That’s Equal Parts Science and Spa

Couples Massage

A Truly Intimate Wellness Date

Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Let’s Untangle Those Knots

Prenatal Massage

Release Some of That Pressure

Infrared Sauna

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Enhance any massage treatment with an infrared sauna session 

very relaxing environment

“Staff is so kind and helpful! Every therapist I have seen listens to my needs and is extremely good at what they do! The office is a very relaxing environment.”

–Emily (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ posted on Google)

We LOVE Ballaura!

I don’t really take time to write many reviews but I’ll make an exception here. We LOVE Ballaura!

–Laura (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ posted on Google)

pain free for several days now

“Very knowledgeable. I had severe pain and a locked up shoulder, by the end of my 90 min. beating 😅 I could freely move my arm and I’ve been pain free for several days now. Excellent work.”

–Ryan (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ posted on Google)

How to Enjoy a Good Massage

Tips to Enjoying a Massage at Ballaura

Tips to Enjoying a Massage at Ballaura

Ballaura is where the South Sound comes to relax. And, with these tips, you can become an expert relaxer too!Before Your MassageSleep Get 8 hours of sleep the night before This is easy to overlook, but getting enough sleep will allow your body to support the shifts...

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5 Ways to Maximize your Massage

5 Ways to Maximize your Massage

Maximizing your massage benefits and helping you get the most out of our services is high on our priority list. At Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Wa, we specialize exclusively in massage. We solely have one specialty so that we can deliver top-notch service. We...

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