From the beginning, Ballaura has focused on one thing: simply offering the best, most experienced massage therapy around. Starting with a team of genuinely caring massage therapists, we’re industry leaders in providing space for peace and happiness that sustains and supports you long after you return to wherever your life takes you.

Each one of us is unique, and massage should span the spectrum of healing for all of us. Because the best massage means something different for everyone.

We help you create the massage experience that meets you where you’re at, where you get all the extras for no extra cost. We specialize in many styles and methods of massage, and we have a full team of LMTs with a variety of skills and personalities to match you. Because we are a spa specializing in massage, we have the experience and scientific knowledge to find what’s best for you.

Ballaura’s community of both clients and massage therapists thrives today because of a shared value in nourishing the body and following your own path to recovery. Ballaura is female-owned and locally-owned, which means we understand the power of connection to our community.

We truly believe that massage creates genuine healing and greater health. Massage is a powerful thing, and through it, we empower you to find your own path towards wellness.

Our Mission

Less Stress. More Relief. Feel Better.

Our Vision

We all thrive when each one of us is living a peaceful life with ease and comfort. Our exceptional and professional staff are dedicated to serving, supporting, and listening to all who walk through our doors, providing peace and compassion that ripples out into our community.

Core values



We know what good massage means, and we have the wisdom, scientific knowledge, and skills to provide it for you.


We’re genuinely interested in your recovery. We’re dependable and honest, giving clear expectations and transparent guidance towards health.


Our compassionate approach leads to proactive ways toward healing and growth. We’re grounded in the possibility of what massage can do, all rooted in scientific proof.


We take care of our therapists so that they can take care of you. We believe that exceptional service starts with an exceptional team. We are industry leaders in uplifting the entire massage community for the benefit of all.


Leading by example, we empower you to find your own path towards wellness.