Relax     Relieve     Recover

Our Mission

Less Stress. More Relief. Feel Better.


Our Vision

We all thrive when each one of us is living a peaceful life with ease and comfort. Our exceptional and professional staff are dedicated to serving, supporting, and listening to all who walk through our doors, providing peace and compassion that ripples out into our community.

Core values



We know what good massage means, and we have the wisdom, scientific knowledge, and skills to provide it for you.


We’re genuinely interested in your recovery. We’re dependable and honest, giving clear expectations and transparent guidance towards health.


Our compassionate approach leads to proactive ways toward healing and growth. We’re grounded in the possibility of what massage can do, all rooted in scientific proof.


We take care of our therapists so that they can take care of you. We believe that exceptional service starts with an exceptional team. We are industry leaders in uplifting the entire massage community for the benefit of all.


Leading by example, we empower you to find your own path towards wellness.

Massage for a Cause

 Community and health are deeply important to us. That’s why, on extra special occasions, we shut down business as usual and give back to a cause that is dear to our hearts. During these scheduled events, our staff provides massages for donation only, and every cent of the proceeds goes to a beloved local charity. It’s your chance to give back to your community and get a massage too! This year our events will benefit All Kids Win, which supports at-risk youth. If you’d like to stay updated on these events, please subscribe to our newsletter for announcements and updates.  


Testimonials & Kudos

Jenny at Ballaura is fabulous! It has been difficult to find a massage therapist that actually does deep tissue. I was thoroughly impressed with the resolution I received in my neck, shoulders, and lower back after seeing Jenny. I began seeing her every two weeks and have never been disappointed. At my third appointment she mentioned that my hips seemed off and I should see a chiropractor. I am not one to usually do that, however I trusted her professional opinion and got in that week. Sure enough, something was off because after one chiropractor appointment (Thank you Dr. Ron Wilcox!) my pain and discomfort was resolved. Jenny noticed a difference at my next appointment. I am grateful for her knowledge, skill set, and passion. I thoroughly enjoy my appointments. I also have referred her to two friends, all of which have said she is great. I will be a client for life! I highly recommend her!

Kimberly B.

Amazing place. You feel like you’re in heaven. Kind staff! Klena is a professional therapist and knows what she is doing. Bless your heart, guys, and thank you for the service!

Maythan A.

This place is amazing! The owner, Nikki, definitely pays attention to detail. Jennifer is an incredible massage therapist. I explained what was going on in my hip/back and left feeling so much better. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, but their personalities top off the experience 100%.

Marie N.

My search is over as I’ve finally found a great masseuse, thanks to Nicole at Ballaura listening to my needs and recommending Jenny to me. I knew Jenny had the right touch the first day she worked on me, and I’ve continued to see her for the past few weeks. Not only is she good and attentive at what she does, but she sincerely listens and cares about her clients. The added bonus is that she immediately puts you at ease with her funny personality. If you’re looking for the ‘right touch’ to sooth away your aches and pains, Ballaura is the place for you!

Steve J.