Brooke likes using restorative techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretching to help alleviate muscle tension, stress, and pain for others. Being a part of someone’s physical and emotional healing journey is very important to Brooke as they actively continue to educate themselves and find the best solutions to any hurdle that one may face. As someone who thrives in a service environment, they thoroughly enjoy even the toughest of battles. If it gives them an excuse to develop a solid plan for someone’s healing/recovery/relaxation goals, they accept the challenge with strong arms, excitement, and great dedication.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

Mental health is super important to me, so I make sure that I am consistently practicing my breathing techniques, self-love through affirmations and meditation, and exercising to build strength in my body. I like receiving massages myself, especially craniosacral and reiki because of their light yet powerful healing benefits. I make sure the spend time with my adorable cat before and after self-care. Time with her is an act of self-care, too, as she fills me with so much joy and appreciation for life.

Brooke is a good fit if you...

You look forward to therapeutic medium to firm pressure, want specific focus on problem areas, kinesiology, energy work, or an overall softer touch. Brooke is a jack-of-all-trades and loves using diverse techniques for massages.


Cupping | Deep Tissue | Gua Sha | Injury Treatment | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release | Passive and Active Stretching | Pin and Stretch | Prenatal | Reiki | Sports | Swedish | Thai Massage | Trigger Point Therapy