Pronouns – he / him

Pressure Gauge

medium light - firm

Doug has been a licensed massage therapist since 2018. His passion is helping people heal and decrease stress. He recognizes that every healing journey is unique and customizes every client’s experience to fit their needs. Doug has a strong background in injury treatment and can adjust his pressure lighter or deeper to suit the client’s preference. He practices perceptively, using various techniques such as Swedish, myofascial release, passive and active stretching, deep tissue, and trigger point. He believes that part of the benefit of massage is increasing clients’ awareness and relationship with their bodies. Doug’s ideal client is someone looking to decrease pain or stress, heal from chronic injury or maintain health and wellness.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

I like to start in the sauna. I let the quietness slow my thoughts down so that I can focus on where my body needs attention. As I sit in the heat, my muscles relax and I tune into my senses. After the sauna, I calmly transition to a long massage. I like 90 min if I have multiple areas that need attention and 120 min for a true full body experience. I like the pace slow so the pressure sinks in deep. I like strokes that combine pressure with movement so the whole chain of muscles can release tension. At the end of my visit, my body is totally relaxed but feels like it has been worked over. A cup of cold water tastes so good. Then I go for a walk to stay loose and transition back to the world outside.

Doug is a good fit if you...

Enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage or an active therapeutic massage with medium to firm pressure. Doug is very calm, healing, and courteous. Doug works with all ages and offers all services at Ballaura.


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