Katy came to massage because she sees it as valuable both physically and emotionally and because it gives you a chance to slow down and care for your body in this fast paced culture. She genuinely enjoys creating a space for clients to find presence and awareness in their bodies. Katy uses the power of massage to focus on bringing the nervous system into a restful balance in order to facilitate deeper healing.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

Beforehand, I accomplish my tasks for the day, spend some time being active outside, and stay well hydrated. Then I come in early for the infrared sauna prior to massage. The treatment includes a combo of deep tissue, cupping, and gua sha. Afterward, I wind down with more water and maybe some tea, then spend the evening enjoying a book or working on a creative project.

Katy is a good fit if you...

Enjoy a massage that encourages relaxation and relief from stress. Katy works to reduce tension and relieve pain from chronic holding patterns or repetitive overuse.


Cupping | Gua Sha | Passive and Active Stretching | Swedish