Pronouns – she / her

Pressure Gauge

medium light - firm

Kelsey has dedicated herself to foster an environment of healing and self-care. Using a wide range of techniques, she creates a safe space for growth and recovery. She is taking to heart that every massage is meant to bring peace and an enriched sense of well-being to every guest.

Favorite Ballaura Ritual

I choose to get two services a month for my overall physical and mental wellness. I like to ensure that I have no plans or expectations afterwards so that I may take full advantage of the feeling of full body relaxation and relief. As a therapist I know that a 90 minute service will ensure that my areas of focus such as tension in my shoulders or pain in my low back will receive proper attention but also leaves time for feet, hands, and scalp massage, which are my favorite. I prefer no talking during my service. Turning my brain off and letting my body relax is a challenge for me, so soothing music without the expectation of conversation is helpful. I also rely heavily on the benefits of the infrared sauna for recovery as well, using it once to twice a week.

Kelsey is a good fit if you...

Enjoy therapeutic massage with medium-light to deep pressure. She is very grounding, welcoming, and hospitable. Kelsey works well with all ages, body types, and genders and offers all services at Ballaura.


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