Massage therapy is like an art form- it is unique to each therapist and the person receiving it. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they want from a massage. In turn, each massage therapist is different and it can be overwhelming to know what you want when it comes to massage. Here, we discuss questions and things to consider when picking out a massage therapist that is right for you.

The most important factor when it comes to choosing a massage therapist is the style and technique of the massage therapist. Start by considering what type of pressure that you like. Do you prefer light or deep pressure- or somewhere in between? Most therapists will note what range of pressure they typically work at and can achieve. Another factor to ponder is what style of massage that you like or are open to receiving. The “standard” style of massage in the US is Swedish Massage. This involves long, flowing strokes that are rhythmic. There are many other types and styles of massage therapy as well though. These range from Lomi Lomi to Reiki to hot stone. Some therapists practice one style of massage exclusively while others incorporate aspects of several styles into their own.

Knowing what you want as an outcome from your massage therapy experience is also beneficial when it comes to knowing how to choose a massage therapist. Do you want to be relaxed afterwards or feel like you just received medical treatment? This will also be slightly dictated by if you are using medical insurance or cash to cover the cost of your massage. Insurance covered massage tends to be more intensive in order to target specific muscles groups and joints to promote healing. Relaxation is just another benefit of massage but will not be the main goal when it comes to medical massage.

While it might seem redundant, picking a massage therapist should also bring the therapists work hours into consideration. If you can only make morning appointments but choose a therapist that works evenings exclusively will make it very challenging for you. Feel free to also ask your massage therapist for their client success stories and expected outcomes that they have had in the past. Most therapists should be able to assess your body within the first appointment and give you a clearer picture of what your road to treatment and wellness will look like in terms of massage. Lastly, feel free to look for any additional trainings or certifications that the massage therapist holds to see if they match up with what you are looking for. They might be able to offer additional styles of massage or have a deeper understanding of certain alignments or areas of the body.

Knowing what to look for in a massage therapist can be challenging, but know you might have a better idea of what to consider. At Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Washington, our entire staff of massage therapists are wonderful each in their own way. Their bios help provide additional insight on what the therapists are trained in and special in. You can read more about each of them here.

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