Ballaura is where the South Sound comes to relax. And, with these tips, you can become an expert relaxer too!

Before Your Massage


Get 8 hours of sleep the night before

This is easy to overlook, but getting enough sleep will allow your body to support the shifts that occur during your massage.


Stay hydrated

Similar to sleep, drinking enough fluids and keeping your electrolyte levels up means you’ll be ready to experience the most healing during your session.


know what to expect

Review spa policiesYou’ll find information on cancellations, payment, and insurance.

During Your Massage

No Rush

Arrive ten minutes early

This allows you time to ease into the spa atmosphere, and we can verify your information.


Communicate with your therapist

Our goal is to tailor the massage to your needs. Share your intentions for your massage, provide feedback on pressure and talking preferences, and don’t be afraid to speak up.

After Your Massage


Take time to stretch

As you’re transitioning off of the table, move your body to conserve the benefits of your massage.

Vacation Mode

Consider a “mini-vacation”

Bring comfortable clothing to change into afterward. After you leave the spa, be intentional about your time. Light a candle. Take a slow walk. Listen to music. It’s important to really settle into your relaxation.

Hydrate – More!

This is so important, we’ll remind you twice!

Drinking plenty of fluids after your massage is just as essential. Especially if you’ve done an infrared sauna session with your massage, you need to replenish with water and sodium.

That’s a lot of information to take in, but we hope that it helps you feel even more excited about your upcoming session. You can learn more about what to expect at your first massage visit on our blog. We’re honored to hold space for your relaxation and healing in your life.

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Self-Billing Insurance

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