5 Myths About Massage

At Ballaura Wellness Spa, we get a variety of questions related to massage that are common misconceptions. Here, we address a few of them.

Myth 1: All Massages are the Same

So not true! No massage is ever the same. Even at our spa, each massage therapist has their own unique style and philosophy to massage. Some massage therapists take a more relaxing approach while others take a more medical approach. Even if you see the same therapist, you might have a new issue arise between visits which can change the focus for that massage.

Myth 2: Massage Only Works if You Feel Sore Afterwards

Also not true! Soreness following a massage depends on several favors like the style of the massage therapist, how your body responds to massage, and the deepness of the massage. It is perfectly normal to feel soreness following a massage, but it’s also just as normal to feel no pain. Other factors like reduction in pain, improvement in range of motion, and less tightness are better indicators of the effectiveness of a massage.

Myth 3: Massage is Bad During Pregnancy

This is a major myth that has never been proven in the medical community. Some women choose to avoid massage during the first trimester of pregnancy to feel safer. However, during the second and third trimester, massage can help alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. We even have a comfortable pregnancy bolster that allows for pregnant women to lay face down during their massage.

Myth 4: Massage Gets Rid of Cellulite and Fat

There is no medical basis in this massage myth either. Only activity and healthy eating can target fat and cellulite, but massage can help improve the after affects of working out.

Myth 5: Massage is Only for Relaxation

Definitely not! Massage has a variety of purposes, relaxation and medical included. While massage works great for stress reduction, it’s also just as effective for helping treat muscle strains and headaches. Massage is commonly prescribed by doctor to help treat a variety of conditions. In fact, most of the massages that we perform at our spa are medical in nature.