Injury Treatment Massage vs. Relaxation Massage

What’s the Difference Between a Relaxation Massage and an Injury Treatment Massage?


A massage can provide relief from a number of different ailments, both mental and physical. Before you lay down on the massage table, you’ll want to specify your pain points so that the massage therapist can target those areas. A relaxation massage is much different than an injury treatment massage, which is why it’s important to schedule the correct service. Here is how these two techniques differ:


Injury Treatment Massage


Whether you’re an athlete or you’ve recently been in a car accident, an injury treatment massage can help speed up the recovery process, while reducing pain and inflammation. Before the session begins, your massage therapist will ask about your medical history and the extent of your injury. That way, he or she can decide which areas of the body to focus on and which areas to avoid.


An injury treatment massage may be more vigorous than other types of massages. By targeting deeper layers of tissue, your massage therapist can effectively release chronic tension and break up scar tissue. After your session, you may also notice an improvement in stiffness and pain as your muscles return back to a normal state.


It is normal to feel some soreness in the days following your injury treatment massage.


Relaxation Massage


A relaxation massage is recommended for those who want to relieve stress from their body and mind. Often utilizing Swedish massage techniques, this style can also help boost your blood circulation and calm your nervous system.


Keep in mind that deeper is not always better. A relaxation massage typically includes light to medium pressure that is applied in soothing, rhythmic motions. With these longer strokes and movements, your massage therapist can help you unwind from a demanding job or home life.


If you’re not sure which type of massage your body needs, call Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Washington for more information. One of our massage therapists will gladly help you choose the most effective treatment for your physical and mental well-being.