What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a process where a licensed massage therapist that is certified to perform manipulations to tissues in your body. In doing this, they loosen your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin by applying a variety of motions and pressures. LMTs work deep within the muscle tissue to reduce tension in your body. In turn, relaxing your body and muscles. 

Why Should I Get a Massage?

Massages are no longer just a way to relax. It is progressively being recommended as a solution for a broad range of medical issues and conditions when accompanied by standard treatments. Studies have shown that the benefits of massage are effective treatments for reducing stress, body aches and pain, and muscle tension. Mayo Clinic recommends massage to help people deal with the pain and stress from cancer, heart disease issues, stomach issues, and many other health problems and conditions.

What Are The Different Types?

There are multiple types of massages you can get that fall under the massage therapy umbrella. All of these have different functions and benefits to them. The most common massages you can get are sports, deep tissue, injury/medical, and relaxation. Sports massage works deep within your muscles to loosen them to improve the flexibility and mobility of the body. Getting sports massages can reduce the risk of injury when playing a sport. Deep tissue keys into any tights knots or any overworked muscles within your body. Benefits to a deep tissue massage include improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, and faster healing rates. Injury massages help with a broad range of medical-related issues. For example, injury massages can ease pain and shorten recovery time as well as reduce scar tissue. Lastly is relaxation massages. Relaxation massages are incredible at lowering stress levels, loosening muscles, and improving sleep. 


The Many Enhancements We Offer At Ballaura

When it comes to massage therapy, there is a wide range of enhancements available that can elevate your relaxation and healing experience. From ancient techniques like guasha and cupping to modern tools like massage guns, incorporating these enhancements into your...

Self-Billing Insurance

Self-Billing Insurance

Generally, you need three things to request reimbursement for your out-of-network medical services: 1) Reimbursement form; 2) Invoice; and 3) Receipt.

Tips to Enjoying a Massage at Ballaura

Tips to Enjoying a Massage at Ballaura

Ballaura is where the South Sound comes to relax. And, with these tips, you can become an expert relaxer too!Before Your MassageSleep Get 8 hours of sleep the night before This is easy to overlook, but getting enough sleep will allow your body to support the shifts...

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