Spa Etiquette: What to Expect When Visiting a Wellness Spa

Cancel in Advance

Most spas, including Ballaura, have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You should have received an electronic version of our spa policies to sign, which includes our cancellation and no-show policies. On the flip side, we do our best to ensure that we can provide at least 24-hours’ notice to you if your appointment need to be canceled or adjusted. If we cannot we will compensate you for the inconvenience.


Please be considerate when arriving to your appointment. You will be in a shared space with others who might have sensitivities and allergies. Please try to not wear any heavy perfumes and refrain from smoking cigarettes before your appointment. Additionally, if needed, a shower before your massage is always appreciated by our massage therapists.

Arrive on Time

Arriving 5 to 10 minutes early allows you to settle in and enjoy a nice cup or tea or a heated neck wrap at Ballaura Wellness Spa. If you need to complete paperwork or discuss your insurance information with our receptionist, arriving 15 minutes early works great for everyone. If you feel that you might be running late, please don’t hesitate to call our spa and let us know so we can give you as much time on the massage table as possible.

Communicate your Needs

Your massage experience is completely focused around you. Please let your massage therapist know exactly what you want to receive benefit wise from the massage. During the massage, feel free to speak up about your needs and what you want – more pressure, less pressure, quieter music, turning the table heat down, talking or no talking etc. Our number one goal with your massage experience is to make you comfortable and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Turn Off Your Phone

Unless you’re expecting an emergency call, it’s best for everyone if you silence your phone. This allows for you to relax and fully get into your massage with no distractions. Ballaura Wellness Spa is a stress-free zone, so we fully encourage you to sit back and relax with us.

Tip Appropriately

This can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time getting a massage, the general guideline is to tip anywhere from 15%-20% for self-pay massages. That means a standard tip for an hour-long massage is anywhere from $12-$20. We prefer you tip with cash in the provided tip envelops located in each massage treatment room. It is not expected to tip for a medical massage but there is some controversy here.  However If you would like to leave a tip you can and it is greatly appreciated.  Our massage therapists strive hard to ensure that you are having a great experience and that you are completely satisfied with your massage.

Self-Billing Insurance

Self-Billing Insurance

Generally, you need three things to request reimbursement for your out-of-network medical services: 1) Reimbursement form; 2) Invoice; and 3) Receipt.

Your Guide to Preparing for Your First Massage Experience at Ballaura Wellness Spa

Embarking on your first massage experience can be an exciting and rejuvenating journey. At Ballaura Wellness Spa, we strive to provide our guests with a serene and exceptional massage experience that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and revitalizes both the body and mind. To ensure that your first visit to our spa is comfortable and enjoyable, we have put together a guide on how to prepare for your first massage session.

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