Ballaura Anniversary

December is Ballaura Wellness Spa’s anniversary month! On December 8th, 2008, Nicole Chryst founded Ballaura from nothing but a vision for a wellness space that would truly serve the Olympian community. Starting a business during the 2008 economic crash as a 25 year-old was scary, but Nicole trusted her instincts and the dream of bringing peace to the community. Ballaura started as a one-room massage space, and now, 14 years later, has six rooms. There have been location and staff changes over the years, but Ballaura’s goal remains the same: Relax, Recover, and Relieve.  Relaxation is what Ballaura truly believes you deserve. Everyone is stressed out from life and needs time to unwind and Ballaura’s mission to spread relaxation has helped thousands of guests take that time and find ease.  

Relieving pain is what Ballaure does best

When Ballaura opened its doors, there were only a handful of massage therapists, and now we have a team of fourteen therapists available to help you relieve your pain in the way that works best for your body. Recovery is what Ballaura wishes for every person to achieve. Ballaura is constantly looking for new ways to help you achieve recovery and that remains the goal of each massage session.  

What sets Ballaura apart from other massage places? 

Not only are we dedicated to serving our guests, but we are also dedicated to serving our staff. One employee reached out to Nicole and said, “I need to work here. I feel within myself that I am meant to be here. What do I need to do to work here?” Another employee named Rafael shared: “I’ve never been employed at a place where managers are willing and able to serve the workers in such a compassionate way!” Ballaura is a sought-after place to work, and while we aren’t currently hiring, we are growing, creating space for more workers dedicated to providing empathetic relaxation, relief, and recovery to guests.  With fourteen years behind us, Ballaura is looking to the future. We hear the need for relief and expansion, increasing staffing and appointment availability, and adding more healing modalities to the service menu, like acupuncture and red light therapy are the way to better serve the Puget Sound area. We are delighted that you have been here with us from the beginning, and we look forward to continuing to serve you and our communities by providing and promoting wellness and healing.
Self-Billing Insurance

Self-Billing Insurance

Generally, you need three things to request reimbursement for your out-of-network medical services: 1) Reimbursement form; 2) Invoice; and 3) Receipt.

Experience the Ultimate Relaxation with Ballaura Wellness Spa Memberships

Escape the stresses of everyday life and experience ultimate relaxation at Ballaura Wellness Spa. Our extraordinary spa memberships offer highly trained massage therapists, customizable massage experiences, complimentary treatments, discounted rates, and exclusive benefits like the Infrared Sauna. Discover a haven of tranquility and prioritize your well-being today.

Mothering Self-Care

Mothering Self-Care

Taking on mothering oneself can shift any mindset around prioritizing self-care. Mothering oneself is the act of nurturing and taking care of one’s own needs, just like a mother takes care of her children’s needs. Often, we put our needs aside to take care of our families, careers, and other responsibilities. It is just as important to take care of oneself as it is of others.