How Posture Works and Ways to Fix it

Stress, desk jobs, commuting, and being on our cell phones all day- these are common but difficult to avoid factors that contribute to poor posture. When our bodies rest in prolonged, unnatural positions for lengthy periods of time, our muscles begin to adjust to these positions as our new postural norm. As such, our muscles get put into positions that place stress on them by either being too long and stretched out or too short and contracted.

Each muscle in the body has an opposing muscle that helps balance our posture and body’s movement. That’s why massage is such an important factor when it comes to helping reset our body’s posture. Massage helps relax muscles that are being put under stress from being either shortened or lengthened. Additionally, massage works out stress points in these muscles like scar tissue and trigger points. This allows the muscles to reset and work their way back to a normal, healthy position. Think of massage as a way to retrain the muscles’ memory when it comes to posture.

With massage as an aid to help reset bad posture, you can also make a conscientious effort to improve your posture. Your massage therapist can give you a list of areas of your muscles that are short and need to be stretched out. Many people suffer from having shortened chest muscles and muscles on the front of the neck. Taking the time to stretch these muscles for at least thirty seconds or longer several times throughout the day can reduce the tightness in these areas and improve the impact of your massage. Your massage therapist can also help guide you on which of your muscles that are long and need to be strengthened. Common areas of lengthened muscles include between the shoulder blades and along the spine. Such a regiment is an important part of self care that your massage therapist can greatly support and enhance.

Ballaura Wellness Spa encourages self care as a critical part of the recovery process. By focusing on your body’s posture and how to utilize massage as a tool to enhance it, you can find great balance between your muscles’ posture. Talk to your licensed massage therapist about ways to improve your posture and how we can be a part of your path to recovery.