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Feeling good with proper hydration

Feeling good with proper hydration

Feeling Good with Proper Hydration Proper Hydration is key after strenuous exercise but did you know it’s also important after a massage or using our new IR Sauna?  As your massage therapist is working your muscles and melting away your stress, toxins are...
5 Ways to Maximize your Massage

5 Ways to Maximize your Massage

Maximizing your massage benefits and helping you get the most out of our services is high on our priority list. At Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Wa, we specialize exclusively in massage. We solely have one specialty so that we can deliver top-notch service. We...
Massage Therapy Specialists

Massage Therapy Specialists

Our Staff of Massage Therapy Specialists One of the best parts about Ballaura is our licensed massage therapy specialists located in Olympia, WA. We have a well trained, talented team that genuinely cares about the well being of their clients. Working hard to make...
The Perks of Massage Therapy in Olympia, WA

The Perks of Massage Therapy in Olympia, WA

Why should I get massage therapy in Olympia, WA? A quick trip to the spa is always a nice way to de-stress and relax. Along with helping you relieve stress, massage therapy provides many benefits to both your physical and mental health. Spas and other therapy clinics...