Massage Care: Before and After Your Appointment 

In order to get the best results from your massage, there is some recommended before and after care that you can take part in. Here’s our basic guidelines for pre and post massage care to ensure that you receive the best massage experience possible.

Before: Take a shower

If you are coming from home, it is highly recommended to take a shower before your massage. This helps improve blood flow and even aids in warming up the tissues that we are about to massage. It also can help with reducing overall stress, which is a primary goal of massage.

Before: Arrive early

Arriving early by 10-15 minutes also allows you to de-stress, have a hot cup of tea, and enjoy a complementary heated neck wrap before your appointment. It also ensures that you are able to be on the table for your full appointment time, allowing you to get the most from your massage.

Before: Don’t eat a heavy meal

Eating something light like veggies and fruit versus a greasy burger will help aid you in feeling refreshed versus bloated and sluggish after your massage.

After: Drink lots of water

Most people aren’t drinking enough water as it is, but it is especially important to stay hydrated after a massage. Massage releases toxin buildup and increases circulation, so having that extra water in your system will help flush it out more effectively and help your muscles “plump”.   An added plus: drinking water post massage can help reduce the soreness that can follow a deep massage the day after.

After: Avoid strenuous activities

It’s recommended to avoid activities like heavy weight lifting and running for a day or two after a massage. Massage helps aid in healthy tissue repair. Strenuous activities such as these can slow down or impair the tissue healing process. Instead of these activities, try going for a walk or doing some mild stretching to increase the effectiveness of your massage.

After: Go home and wind down

Why not keep the feeling going? When you get home, turn the light downs, put on some soft music, and even indulge in a cozy bubble bath. If alcohol and caffeine are some of your de-stressors, it is recommended to avoid them for the rest of the day after your massage since they impair blood flow by constricting blood vessels.