The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy itself is such a wonderful process but has many uncomfortable symptoms that mom has to deal with. Massage is great for pregnancy in that it can help alleviate a variety of these uncomfortable symptoms and reduce overall stress levels. In this post, we discuss the benefits of massage for pregnant women and some options that we offer at Ballaura Wellness Spa to help you relax and enjoy the most of your massage.

1. Reduction in Headaches

Many pregnant women report experiencing headaches throughout their pregnancy. Massage not only helps reduce the frequency of such headaches, but also helps get rid of them by relaxing tight neck and head muscles. Massage also reduces stress levels which can also contribute to headaches.

2. Improved Sleep

Massage is great for helping with conditions such as insomnia that can be brought on by pregnancy. Massage itself has been proven to be effective in helping improve sleep. The release of serotonin, a feel good chemical, can also help boost sleepiness and melatonin production, aiding in quality of sleep. Try adding our transdermal magnesium treatment to help even more!

3. Help with Back and Hip Pain

It’s no secret that pregnancy places strain on the lower back and hip region for moms, especially in the second and third trimester. This pain can become so unbearable that moms are unable to sleep throughout the night, stand or sit for very long. Many pregnant women also suffer from pseudo-sciatica, which is where the sciatic nerve is experiencing pressure from a tight muscle. This causes numbness, tingling, and nerve pain that shoots down the low back, hip, and back of the leg. Massage itself is great at relaxing muscle tissue and your massage therapist can target the low back and hip region, helping reduce overall tension.

4. Reduction of Swelling

Massage is great at improving the overall circulation of the body and increasing the flow of the lymphatic system. Edema (swelling) is a common symptom of pregnancy, especially during the summer months. Massage helps improve the body’s circulation, which in turn reduces swelling and takes pressure off of stiff and swollen joints. The increase in lymph flow also allows for the body to increase in aid of toxin removal.

Ballaura Wellness Spa is dedicated to helping you on your journey to wellness. In addition to helping improve symptoms of pregnancy, we also have a pregnancy bolster that allows for moms to lay on their tummy during their massage session. Many of our clients report an immediate feeling of reduction of pressure on the low back and hips. The bolster is also safe and comfy for baby as well.