Using HSA and FSA Debit Cards to Pay for Massage Therapy

Did you know Massage therapists in Washington State are Health Care Providers? Licensed Massage Therapists must complete 700 hours of education. They must also pass a state board exam to get licensed. Since we are licensed health care providers in Olympia, WA, our services are qualified as a medical expense for your Health Savings accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.  

Here is all you need to do:

  • Get a prescription, letter of medical necessity, or a doctor’s directive on record (in your IRS tax file) to verify the qualified medical expenses.  
  • Schedule your service with any one of our licensed massage therapists. 
  • At the time of Payment, we run your card with a specialized code that we set up with our merchant account system. 

Please keep in mind that our retail products are not qualified and will have to be purchased separately from the service your purchasing on the card. We can also use your card to pay for our highly-rated monthly massage memberships. 

Helpful tips before coming in using your HSA and FSA debit cards:  

  • Be sure the card is activated.
  • Make sure there are sufficient funds in the account.
  • Be sure only to purchase qualified services on your card.

To ensure that your HSA or FSA debit card will work at your visit, or If your card declined, you should contact your card issuer.