What is Sports Massage and its Benefits?

Whether you play sports professionally or out of love for the game, you should explore the
wonders of sports massage. Every sportsperson is aware of the fatigue and stiffness they
experience after a game. For people who have recently started taking part in sports, this pain
feels insufferable. So, how do athletes or weekend warriors keep themselves fit and find the
motivation to return to the game? Well, the answer lies in Sports Massage. Whether you are an
athlete or not, you should consider getting a Sports Massage. To understand its benefits, you will
first need to know what it entails.

What is Sports Massage?

Because of the complexity of the procedure, not everyone can apply the techniques involved.
Sports massage is a clinical massage and should be sought from professionals that specialize in
it. Sports massage therapy typically includes the use of one or more of the following

Deep Swedish Massage

Muscle-specific applications of the standard effleurage, petrissage, vibration, and
tapotement techniques.

Compression Massage

Rhythmic compression into muscles used to create a softening effect in the tissues. It is
generally used as a warm-up for deeper, more specific massage work.

Cross-Fiber Massage

Friction techniques applied in a general manner to create a stretching and broadening effect
in large muscle groups; or on site-specific muscle and connective tissue, deep transverse
friction applied to reduce adhesions and to help create strong, flexible repair during the
healing process.

Trigger Point/Tender Point Massage

Combined positioning and specific finger or thumb pressure into trigger/tender points in
muscle and connective tissue, to reduce the hypersensitivity, muscle spasms and referred
pain patterns that characterize the point. Left untreated, such trigger/tender points often lead
to restricted and painful movement of entire body regions.

Lymphatic Massage

Stimulation of specialized lymphatic-drainage pathways, which improves the body¹s
removal of edemas and effusion.

Benefits of Sports Massage

1. Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS occurs 48 hours after you take part in a vigorous physical activity. Because the soreness
is not noticeable right after the activity, people sometimes ignore it. However, once DOMS
peaks, the flexibility of your injured area reduces significantly. This stiffness takes at least a
week to go away completely. With a Sports Massage, however, the recovery period is greatly
reduced and DOMS can even be avoided altogether. Getting a Sports Massage after taking part
in a physical activity will help you avoid DOMS.

2. Relaxes Your Body

Sports Massage improves circulation throughout the body and helps individuals manage stress
better. After a sports massage, the body releases endorphins, which improve mood and reduce
anxiety. The decreased tension in muscles and muscle spasms relaxes your body.

3. Makes Recovery Easy

Because of strenuous physical activity, your body muscles lack oxygen due to which lactic acid
production starts. Sports Massage helps improve lymphatic fluid flow, which removes lactate
from the tissue. This helps improve the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen to muscles thereby
making the recovery process faster.

4. Improves Performance

Once the stiffness and tenderness go away, your body is able to function better. The improved
flexibility and circulation does not only make the recovery process faster but also affects
performance. The individual witnesses an exceptional improvement in their strength and ability
by regularly getting a Sports Massage.

5. Psychological Effects

Other than physical benefits, Sports Massage also has psychological benefits. Decreased muscle
stress and improved circulation lead to a feeling of relaxation. When your muscles undergo
manipulation, your body releases serotonin and endorphins, which in turn make you feel more
relaxed. This is why people suffering from depression and insomnia have reported decreased
symptoms and better sleep quality because of Sports Massage.

Individuals that indulge in a strenuous physical activity regularly need a way to prevent fatigue
and promote relaxation. Sports Massage is a great way of relieving pain naturally and improves
the overall well-being of athletes. Ballaura has a team of experienced professionals that provide
clients with invigorating sports massage that helps them improve their performance significantly.
To get an appointment, contact us today.

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