5 Reasons to Add Magnesium to Your Massage


The health and skin benefits of magnesium are many and varied. For centuries, magnesium oils, salts, and waters have helped to restore the skin’s natural beauty and help heal muscle injuries via immersion, consumption and, especially, massage. Here are five reasons to add transdermal magnesium to your massage.


Alleviate Skin Conditions


Magnesium can help alleviate a variety of topical skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and eczema. Inflammatory skin conditions can often be indicative of a magnesium deficiency or be exacerbated by low magnesium levels. The body frequently responds to low magnesium by producing histamine, which can either cause or exaggerate inflammatory skin conditions. Applying magnesium transdermally via massage can often provide immediate relief to these conditions, and with long-term use, can help to correct them.


Better Sleep


In addition to muscle relaxation, application of transdermal magnesium can help to trigger the natural brain chemistry that leads to the winding-down period that most people experience before sleep. For insomnia and anxiety sufferers especially, adding transdermal magnesium to their massage can help result in better and more restful sleep – especially with consistent and long-term usage.


Alleviation of Muscle Injury and Conditions


Magnesium is an essential mineral for helping the body to heal from muscle injury or muscular conditions. Most people experience magnesium deficiency due to stress, which can prolong and intensify muscular injury and conditions. The use of transdermal magnesium provides an excellent partner to massage to alleviate the pain of muscle injury, spasm, and cramps. In addition, it can help provide relief for inflammatory conditions that cause muscular pain, such as fibromyalgia or sciatica.


Improved Mood


Magnesium performs a wide variety of functions in the body, including helping to maintain appropriate brain chemical and hormonal levels. In addition to the positive impact that massage has on overall mood and feelings of wellbeing, magnesium is an incredible booster to add to the mood-improving benefits of massage. Magnesium can also boost energy levels, so adding magnesium to a pre-event sports massage can also prove a tremendous boon to activity level and performance.


Increased Muscular Performance


Transdermal magnesium application can have a tremendous impact on overall muscular performance, making it an especial asset to athletes and active adults. Magnesium has been shown to impact gripping strength, joint rotation and extension, jumping height, and torso flexion. It has also been shown to improve range of motion, flexibility, and strength in older adults – particularly those suffering from inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.


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