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Electrolytes and your body.

To start off with, let’s define what  electrolytes are.  Electrolytes are essential minerals-like sodium, calcium, and potassium that are important to many key functions in the body but why do our bodies need them?
Electrolytes help regulate muscle contractions and keeps you hydrated and when your body loses those electrolytes through an intense workout or affected by the heat you can experience fatigue, headaches, blood pressure changes, muscle cramps, low energy and just a general feeling of unwell.
How do I get electrolytes into my body?
Great question!!  Many people turn to sports drinks to provide their bodies with electrolytes, but many of those drinks have too much sugar and food coloring and not enough electrolytes to actually replenish what your body lost in physical activity.  Our friends over at LMNT have a great way to help combat dehydration and loss of electrolytes in this great article so click HERE to learn more on why and how this is an important day to day routine for your health and well being.  Take care and Live well.

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Self-Billing Insurance

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