Why Massage is a Necessity and Not Just a Luxury

The idea of massage as only a pampering, luxurious experience is long gone. It’s easy to see why massage is thought of as a luxury; it’s so relaxing! Research has found many therapeutic benefits of massage that make it highly beneficial for most people. While massage is a wonderful way to relax, it has found its place in modern medicine and is used to help treat a variety of ailments. Both the mind and body can be positively affected by massage. Here, we discuss why massage is a necessary part of any self-care routine and the many benefits that it provides.

Our daily lives are stressful. From the moment our alarm clocks go off to the end of our day, we are constantly in a state of stress. Reducing that overall stress and tension from our everyday lives is a necessary part of a self-care routine. Massage allows for that moment of relaxation to get away from our stressful lives. Just one hour of massage is equivalent to getting a full nights worth of sleep. Not to mention that massage also lowers blood pressure by increasing the body’s overall circulation. Talk about rejuvenation!

With all the daily stress that we experience, our posture gets stuck in such holding patterns that we force our bodies to be in. This can be due to our jobs, driving, being on our cell phones, or even the way we sleep. Our muscles remember such positions and get stuck in these holding patterns. Massage is great at releasing these stuck muscles, allowing our bodies to let go. Massage relaxes muscles and soft tissue, allowing our posture to reset and return to our body’s more normal state. This is especially important for manual labor workers and those who sit at desks. The repetitive stress of the body being in certain positions can cause problems down the road if left untreated.

Long gone are the days of massage being seen as only a pampering experience. Here at Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia, Washington, our goal is to help you let go of that stress. Massage is more than a luxury; it’s a modern necessity.